Buying a Home

Preparing to Buy a Home in Four Steps

1) Determine your Budget

Your mortgage is one of the most important considerations of your real estate investment. In choosing a lender you want someone with experience, knowledge, honesty and integrity. One who has the ability to navigate the myriad of changes that the industry has seen over the past few years.

A mortgage professional will review your income, assets, liabilities and credit history and use this information to determine a maximum loan amount you can afford. A lender will also write a pre-qualification letter.

Going through this process will give you the confidence that, from a financial perspective, you can complete your home purchase.

Over the years, Steven has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of lenders, and he can connect you with lending partners that best matches your needs.

2) Brainstorm

Imagine your ideal home and make a list of the features you want including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size, and location.

To identify the differences in your ‘wants vs needs’ rank these features from 1 to 10 in high to low priority.

Differentiating the features this way will help in formulating a roadmap for your search.

3) Start Your Search

Once you’ve identified the features that are most important and you know how much you can afford, it’s time to start searching for a home.

As your agent I will send you listings that fit your criteria in parallel most buyers also search online. Pictures, virtual tours and private showings are tools we have to aid us in our search.

4) Next Steps Together

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial transactions you’ll ever make. It is an honor for me to assist you through to closing.

My commitment is to making your home purchase a smooth process from the beginning to closing.

You can count on me to be your guide, your counselor and your fiercest advocate, every step of the way.

You've submitted an offer, Now What?

1) Negotiation

As your advocate, I will negotiate the best Offer terms including the price, timelines, and other contingencies.

Many times the terms can be as important as the selling price therefore I will outline these details for you in clear, easy to understand manner.

2) Purchase and Sale Agreement

Once the terms have been agreed upon, a Purchase & Sale Agreement (PSA) is signed by both parties. This is a binding contract outlining the terms and conditions of the sale.

3) Inspection

Once the Purchase and Sale Agreement is signed by the buyer and seller, a home inspector is hired to examine the home’s condition including; the roof, foundation, appliances and major mechanical systems.

If any issues arise from the inspection, the buyer may request to amend the Purchase & Sale Agreement.

4) Title and Escrow

Title is an outside, thirds party that insures that the Seller holds a clean title to the property. Title will search to determine if there are any encumbrances such as a mortgage etc.

Escrow pulls all the pieces together; they ensure that the terms of the Purchase & Sale agreement have been followed. Escrow holds all the money until the sale has been recorded.

5) Closing

At closing, all the paperwork is signed by the buyer and seller. The buyer pays the settlement fees and funds the sale. After escrow has received all the funds, the title is recorded and the sale is complete.

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My Commitment

I believe that everyone buying a home needs a real estate broker who represents their clients’ interests. I pledge that your interests will always be first.

I am passionately committed to being your advocate throughout the entire buying and/or selling process.

My Promise:

- I will always be detailed, determined and thorough.

- I will work tirelessly and will avoid wasting your time.

- I will listen and understand all your unique preferences.

- I will be creative and think outside the box.

- I will keep learning to stay current in residential real estate.

- I will provide counsel based on facts and real information.

- I will empower you to make the right choice for you, your family & your investment.

When you work with me, I apply my knowledge & expertise in real estate and together we will find, inspect, research, negotiate and close on a home that is right for you.

Finding the right property is only the start of your journey towards owning a home. If you have spent months, weeks, or are casually looking, I welcome the opportunity to be part of this journey with you.

Call or email me with your general thoughts, or specific details, along with your timeframe so that we can generate a plan.

My goal is to exceed your expectations.


Buyer's Resources

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