General Interest How to Prevent and Deal with Mold April 28, 2022 Whether you are buying or selling a home, mold is something to be mindful of. Health concerns and potential damage make mold a red flag for buyers. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, taking care of mold problems now can prevent even larger and more costly issues in […]
Real Estate News Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies in Real Estate Mar 28, 2022 Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner examines the emergence of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the residential housing market and how they could change real estate transactions in the future. Hello there, I’m Windermere Real Estate’s chief economist, Matthew Gardner, and welcome to the latest episode of Mondays with Matthew. This month we’re going […]
Real Estate News The Growing Housing Affordability Problem Jun 27, 2022 Addressing housing affordability sounds simple: build more units. Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner explains why the solution is more complex by examining recent affordability data. In this video Michael discussed the decline in housing construction, the role of growth management policies, and the changing U.S. demographics. Hello there, I’m Windermere’s Chief Economist […]
Real Estate News July 2022 – Western Washington Real Estate Economic Update Listings, Prices and Mortgage Rates are on the Rise With Western Washington regional economic health back to pre-pandemic levels, the Q2 housing market saw rising home prices, despite concurrent increases in mortgage rates. Listings last quarter were up by 175% compared to the first quarter of 2022, offering buyers more selection. Pending sales outpaced listings […]
Home Inspections Is Knob & Tube Wiring Safe or Unsafe? Knob and Tube (K&T) wiring hasn’t been used in new construction since the mid 1950’s, thus K&T is certainly an aging technology. Surprisingly, Knob and Tube wiring, in excellent condition, is not dangerous. Nevertheless, home buyers & home owners should consider the potential risks of K&T and seek the guidance of a licensed electrician with […]
Real Estate News Bellevue Vibrant Urban & Suburban Living Bellevue, the city named after the French word for Beautiful-View, is located 12 miles east of downtown Seattle and just west of Microsoft’s sprawling Redmond campus. Incorporated 1953, Bellevue has transition from strawberry fields to a modern-urban living center. Bellevue’s beginnings can be tied back to two Seattle-area giants: Boeing and Microsoft. More recently Bellevue’s […]
Home Inspections When Buying a Home is a Foundation Inspection Necessary?   The wise man built his house on the rock, the rain and wind came but the house stood firm. These wise words were spoken many years ago and certainly still hold true today. A foundation supports all the weight of a house, for this reason, it is important that your home is built on […]
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